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Manchester United Vs Bayer Levekusen match preview, Head 2 Head

Manchester United will play its 1st match against Bayer Leverkusen in the opening date UEFA Champions league. Full match preview with date, time and match venue. This is the 59th season of Champions league. The match will be played on 18th-Sep-2013 and the timing for the match according to Indian timing is 12:15 am.

All eyes will be at the star players of Manchester which includes Robin Van Persie, and Wayne Rooney. The home stadium of Man United which is Old Trafford got the responsibility of organizing this upcoming match of Champions league. But before 4 days this English have to play its upcoming match Premier league against Crystal Palace. So for information about this match scroll down- Manchester United Vs Bayer Leverkusen match Preview Manchester United Vs Bayer LevekusenBayer_LeverkusenVs CompetitionUEFA Champions League 2013-14 Date18-Sep-2013 (IST), 17-Sep-2013 (GMT) Time12:15 am (IST), 18:45 (GMT) StadiumOld Trafford Capacity75,811 Home teamMan United Away teamBayer Leverkusen

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Manchester United vs Bayer Leverkusen head to head

Both teams have played 4 matches against each other so far. Out of these 4, 2 Man United won 2 and the rest of 2 were draws. The English football club has scored 7 goals in total matches. On the other hand Leverkusen has not won even a single game after scoring 4 goals in all matches.

Total Games played: 4

Man United won:2 Bayer won: 0 Draws: 2 Goals (United): 7 Goals (Bayer): 4

Line-ups of both teams Manchester UnitedBayer Levekusen Wayne RooneyStefan Kieblink Robin van PersieLars Bender Shinji KagawaSon Heung Min Javier HernandezEmre Can NaniBernd Leno Ryan GiggsSimon Rolfes Wilfred ZahaSidney Sam Marouane FellaniGonzalo Castro Anderson Luis de AbreuGiulio Donati David de GeaRobbie Kruse Rafael PereiraEmir Spahic Patric EvraPhillip Wollscheid Nemanja VidicEren Derdiyok Michael CarrickStefan Reinartz Danny WelbeckSebastian Boenisch Fabio Pereira da SilvaOmer Toprak

Sport Fishing Team

Sport Fishing Team the very name suggests a bunch of passionate individuals who have a special eye for fishing. Sport Fishing Team is generally part of some fishing tournament and friendly competitions that give fishing and angling a paradigm that is obviously a lot more than just a hobby.

Sport Fishing basically refers to going for the big fish like Swordfish, Sailfish, Marlin and Tuna, etc. It is actually a lot of fun to catch such jumbo fishes and bring them back as catches to compete in the tournament.

A Sport Fishing Team consists of all those anglers who are well acquainted with all the knowledge and information that you look for all around in the magazines and on the net. Hence, quite obviously when they go out for fishing they tend to enjoy a lot, thanks to their acquired skill that add to the excitement of catching the big fish. This is something that is often found among the anglers at the Team Bad Company.

Things that make sport fishing all the more exciting are:

The salt air of the ocean
The fishes gliding away in the lush waters awaiting your line
The innovative strategies to get the biggest catch and win the tournament
You can be out for the entire day on an expedition that will appeal to your passion for fishing. In case of a comprehensive trip it can lead to 24 hours on the waters in a luxury yacht, what can possibly be better than that!

A normal angler who pursues fishing as just another favorite pastime has to undergo a lot of training and take in a lot of knowledge before he or she could become a part of a professional sport fishing team. Because when the team comes into the scenario it is the question of edge of the entire team who are all together competing against other teams of pros. In such a scene the skill and the joined effort of all the members of a sport fishing team lead to the success of it in entirety.

In the fishing tournaments what generally happens is that all the competing teams insert their lines into the water at the same time. They also come out at the same time. So the idea is to catch the most and the best within that stipulated period of time. The team that manages to do so emerges the winner.

That way every competing team in the tournament gets the same advantage and the sole element of success depends on the two issues of skill on one hand and luck on the other. Luck is a very significant factor as you have to be at the right place where the fishes are actually biting away at the baits. Luck can take you to an extent where you can grab at the largest Marlin out of the water thereby winning the tournament for you and your entire sport fishing team.

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Ajax-danskere fik smk af Ronaldo og Real Madrid

Ajax har det svrt mod Real Madrid. For anden gang i trk i dette rs Champions League-gruppespil tabte hollnderne – denne gang med 1-4 p Real Madrids hjemmebane Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

Det blev tilbage i begyndelsen af oktober – i den anden indbyrdes kamp i gruppespillet – ogs til et hollandsk 1-4-nederlag til Real Madrid p Amsterdam Arena.

Det var sjette gang, at Ajax mdte Real Madrid i Champions League, og i de seks kampe er det blevet til seks Ajax-nederlag og en negativ mlscore p 2-20.

Videre til Europa LeagueMen Ajax kan glde sig over, at klubben trods alt er videre til Europa League, fordi Manchester City samtidig tabte 0-1 p udebane til Dortmund.

Den unge danske Ajax-angriber Viktor Fischer fik lov at f sin frste kamp fra start i Champions League, men Viktor Fischer havde ikke mange succesfulde aktioner i kampen og blev skiftet ud efter 76 minutter.

Christian Eriksen og Christian Poulsen begyndte ogs p banen, men ingen af de to danske midtbanespillere imponerede over for et strkt spillende Real Madrid-mandskab, der var overlegne i mange af spillets facetter.

En fjerde dansk Ajax-spiller, Lasse Schne, kom allerede ind fem minutter fr pausen i stedet for Christian Poulsen, som s ud til at vre plaget af en eller anden skavank.

Cementerede sejrenCristiano Ronaldo bnede scoringen efter 13 minutter efter et oplg af Karim Benzema, som smukt blev sendt af sted i dybden af Luka Modric.

Med en endnu flottere aflevering satte Modric Real Madrid-angriberen Jos Callejon op til 2-0-scoringen efter 28 minutter.

I anden halvleg gede brasilianeren Kaka til 3-0 efter 49 minutter, inden Ajax-angriberen Derk Boerrigter fik reduceret 10 minutter senere. Callejon cementerede 4-1-sejren i slutminutterne.

Ajax gr dermed videre til Europa League som nummer tre i gruppen, mens City er helt ude af Europa. Dortmund er videre til 1/8-finalerne i Champions League sammen med Real Madrid.

Manchester City no choice left

Grabbing front kick Carroll Paul Rao raised when the two sides dispute, the two were booked for 54 minutes, Kuyt header ferry, Maxi Rodriguez volley wide of the edge of the area. 58 minutes, Kuyt pass, Meireleis header 10 yards higher. 61 minutes, Liverpool siege corner, hit the Sali Nuo Saarvio shot deflected to the outside front edge of the area outside the small Tongshe Alan missed. 1 minute later, Skrtel restricted area near the left side angle shot also missed 71 minutes after Skrtel Sali Nuo foul penalty on the yellow field, Viana long-range free kick at 30 yards was Reyna confiscated. Spearing and Enge Ge off the bench. 77 minutes, Wilson biography, Carroll header nodded. Enge Ge shot outside edge of the area was Arthur confiscated. Dirk Kuyt missed long-range. 85 minutes, Carroll a corner edge of the area in a small header by Dirk Kuyt Dangxia, Seoul Scott then left the restricted area melee attack shot saved by Artur. 92 minutes Meireleis free kick pass, Enge Ge header missed the opportunity of small edge of the area Balotelli is not as calm a violent kick, Manchester City would have no choice but to face the middle in the first half to play more with less situation, although relying on the wonderful Kolarov free-kick pulled one back, but 10 Manchester City after all, who could not work miracles. It can be said Balotelli destroyed Manchester City’s hopes. After the game. Coach Roberto Mancini angry face an interview, of course, he still showed the first reversal for the failure can not be reconciled. “I think if one is always 11 to 11 who say, qualifying for the final will be our head, we must be scored second goal, or even the third ball. In this game, if we have the players get a red card, then the game will become very difficult, especially because some stupid moves. “Mancini said. “I was sitting on the bench, so do not look at the whole process of that foul, I know the problem is Mario himself, he always thought himself to be a fantastic player, but often, like tonight, when he made After the kind of stupid moves, everything becomes for me, for him and for the whole team is very difficult. he ruined the whole team today, efforts. “Asked about the over-heated Will the Italian boy was the team trust, Mancini categorically said: “I do not think he will appear in the weekend’s game against Chelsea in the list.” Perhaps, Balotelli has felt that he would be playing marginized into the ends.

Sports Related Fundraising Ideas

Are you tired of selling chocolate bars to raise money for your school fundraisers? Do you spend a lot of time training for your sport with nutrition and practice that selling chocolate and sugary snacks doesnt seem to reflect your team?

Would you like to have options that include healthy snacks? Would you like to put on an active fundraising campaign? Here are a few options that you might like to put on better sports fundraisers.

Sell Healthy Items

A lot of professional fundraising companies can offer your school sports team better alternatives to chocolate. Some examples of smart fundraising snack alternatives are nuts. And trail mixes. Cashew halves are available and other mixed nuts. They have natural oils and are low in fat.

Trail mixes are available with a mixture of nuts, cranberries, raisins and banana chips. There are other samples of trail mixes that your school club can sell. Whether the donor has spicy tastes or salty there are healthier options for him.

It is a very easy and successful campaign to put on. The healthy snacks fundraisers are sold to donors in the $6-$8 dollar range. Donors are usually excited about this switch from chocolate because it gives them new choices. It is an order taking campaign with the donor choosing his snacks; the orders will be totaled and then shipped from the fundraising company. There is no left over stock to handle because everything that is shipped is already sold.

Active Sports Fundraising Ideas

You can use just about any activity for a active fundraising campaign. The sports fundraisers are great ways to get a large cross section of people to participate and depending on the time of the year also a variety of choices.

Bowling tournaments are a great way to appeal to different age groups. It doesnt matter if its ten pin, five pin or lawn bowling a tournament will bring out all the bowling aficionados. Approach you local club and arrange for a day for your school team or charity event. This bowling fundraiser can be put on any time of the year.

Golf tournaments are easy to put on and get people out for. Tournaments generate publicity and appeal to corporations. A few calls and some advertising can net you some corporate sponsorship as well. Many courses will be happy to help you set up the organizational work.

Check out part 2 of this article for even more active fundraising ideas.

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